IMPORTANT ALERT: When the online permits platform was introduced in November of 2019, it was intended as an interim step toward achieving our goal of launching a modern electronic permitting system. On September 30th, our new system will launch. You will no longer have access to this interim system starting on September 25th; however, we will still be accepting applications by mail. Online access for new applications, with the exception of some Migratory Bird Program eagle and rehab permit applications, will start on September 30th in the new platform. Permit processing and issuances of permit applications submitted prior to September 25th will be handled offline until January 2021; similarly, amendments and modifications of current permits will also be handled offline until January 2021. Please make your plans accordingly.
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: Disclosure: Providing the requested information is voluntary. However, submission of the requested information is required to maintain Federal permit under federal laws implemented by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Failure to disclose the requested information may be sufficient cause for revocation of a permit. If the information indicates a violation of a statute, regulation, rule, order or license, whether civil, criminal, or regulatory in nature, the information may be transferred to the appropriate Federal, State, local or foreign agency charged with investigating or prosecuting such violations.