State/Federal Falconry 3-186A Database - Quick Tip

Falconry Data-entry: How it works?

There are four (4) Data-entry forms: Falconer Registration handled by State/Territory Administrators, Species Registration handled by both State/Territory Administrators and falconers, State Law Enforcement handled by State/Territory Administrators, and Federal Law Enforcement handled by USFWS/Falconry Administrators. Each Data-entry form consists of four sections: 1. Data List, 2. Query form, 3. User's Actions, and 4. Data-entry form. The User's Actions bar background color is painted with #607d8b glory style to make it stand out.

How to ADD a new record? Click "New" or "New(Fresh)" button, this opens a new space on the Data-entry form (section# 4) to accept user's input. Once all fields are filled with data, click "Save" to save the new record. NOTES: The "New (Fresh)" button will initialize each field on the Data-entry form when it is clicked while the "New" button retains most of the fields values already entered for the immediate previous record. This feature saves Data-entry time. Example: some falconers share a same address, so, the user does not need to reenter a same address multiple times.

How to EDIT an existing record? a record must be selected by clicking on the very 1st column of the Data List (section 1 on top); this will copy the value of each field from the line that is clicked to all corresponding fields on the Data-entry form (section 4). To know if it is ready to make changes to the Data-entry form, there is a message similar to this "You may make changes to individual fields or delete this..." apears above the Data List; scroll down to the Data-entry form, make sure it is the record you want to edit, then make change to it, once done, click "Save" button.

How to Query Falconry Data? There is a Query Form located right below the Data List to allow you to specify one or more parameters to retrieve data you want to view, report, and or edit/delete. Once the query form is completed, click "Run Query". The query result (if any) will be hosted on the Table located on the Data List. You do not need to fill out every query parameter, the more parameters you complete, the smaller the size of the dataset returned to the Data List.

How to REPORT what you see on the Data List? First, make sure you "Save" your changes, then click "Report", wait for a second or 2, then observe the top right corner of the Browser screen, there is a small Dialog waiting for you to intruct the Browser where to download the report to your device/computer. If you want to store the report (file) to a specific location, then click "Save as", otherwise, click "Open" from the Dialog, name the file or accept the default name and cick "Save". Finally, click "Open file" on the Browser little Dialog to view the report when the download is finished. The report only downloads data returned by your query form or by the "Refresh" [read all records] and writes to Office/Excel file [your computer must have Office/Excel software to open the file].

How to PRINT registered species 3-186A form? There are two modes: Print 1 form at a time by clicking on the line you wish to print on its very 1st column of the Data List, then click "Print 3-186A by Record Number" button, this will print just the record you selected from the Data List. Print every form displayed on the Data List: click "Print 3-186A by Query". The download method is the same as that described earlier above.

For Falconers: may register their birds by clicking the "New/New (Fresh)" button, once the form is saved, to make change to all 3-186A data falconers must contact their State/Territory Administrators. Beside inputting Species data, falconers may request to change their Profile by submitting a request via "Report a Move & Other changes" from the home page. Falconers may also request their State/Territory Administrators to enter 3-186A data on their behalf.

How to query Data?: For State/Territory Administrators, click on "Manage Falconers" button from the Home Page; select a Falconer's Profile from the Data List, then click "Manage 3-186A" button. For Falconers, click "Manage my own 3-186A" button from the Home page. For State Law Enforcement, use section "D" from the Home page, for Federal Law Enforcement, use section "E" from the Home page.

Access Roles: Falconers may register their species via 3-186A Data-entry form; falconers may only query and view their own registered species. State/Territory Administrators: register state falconers' profiles; register falconers' species if requested; and view/edit/remove registered falconers and their registered species. State/Territory Administrators may alter, query and view falconry data on their home state only. State Law Enforcement Agents: may query their own state falconry data only. Federal Law Enforcement may query falconry data across the USA.

Acronym descriptions:

Auth. Code/FEDID: Authorized Code or FEDID (legacy ID), assigned 1 time to activate new account
OAC: Owner Access Code
OST: Owner State Code
RCF: Record Control Flag [Internal use only]
ST: State Code

TID: Transaction ID numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 where:

1: Transferred a bird to another permittee (or to another permit you hold) (1, 2, 3, 6)
2: Released a bird or lost a bird due to its escape, theft, or death (1, 2, 6)
3: Acquired bird from another permittee, other than a rehabilitator, (1, 2, 3, 6)
4: Acquired bird from a rehabilitation permittee (1, 2, 3, 6)
5: Captured a bird from the wild or recaptured a previously captive (banded) bird (1, 3, 4, 6)
6: Re-banded a bird, either wild or captive-bred, for which the band was lost or removed (1, 2, 5, 6)

How to view data fields that are obscured by your screen on the Data List": Use the web page vertical bar on the right to move your screen vertically. Use the web page horizontal bar placed at the end of the web page to move the screen horizontally (left or right) until you are satisfied.

Finally, about the "Data List": This is an HTML Table". It contains data brought in from either the "Refresh" button located on the User's Actions bar or by the Query form submitted by the "Run Query" button. It has two parts on each line: the 1st column is a "clickable" button. When clicked, it signals code behind to fill the Data-entry form [section 4] at the bottom of the page, this allows you to make changes, delete, report, print... to the record. Only the "New/New(Fresh)" buttons do not need this magic "click", other functions do require the operator to click on this 1st column button from the Data List. Additionally, the Data List has a footer line at its bottom. This footer line only appears when there are more than one pages of data generated. The footers hosts a series of numbers 123... The numbers are called "Page Indexes". Clicking a number on the footer will present the page that the number is linked to. Each page has 12 lines.

Download: This section briefly explains how download works on a typical Browser, e.g. Microsoft Edge. When you click "Report" or "Print" button from a Falconry webpage, the Browser displays a small rectangle dialog called "Downloads"

[see figure 1]. You have 2 choices: accept the default location on your local disk by clicking the "Open" button on the left  of the Dialog or select a location of your choice by clicking "Save as" button on the right. If you specify your own location then navigate to the folder you want to store the file; then name the file if you do not want the default name, once done, click the "Save" button [see Figure 2]. If the file name already exists on the disk and you want to overwrite it, then click "Yes" and wait for the file to completely download [see figure 3]. When the download is completed, on the Dialog to its left, click "Open file" to view the file [see figure 4]. If you want to capture the file path then hover your mouse over the "Open File" line to its right, an "Open folder" icon will appear, click the "Open folder" icon, the location of the file is opened, select and doule-click the file to view [See figure 5]. NOTE: if you do not see the "Dowloads" dialog, then look at the top screen immediately above the Falconry page to the right, there is a small "down arrow" icon, click the arrow, the Downloads dialog will appear [see figure 6].